Tenerga Energy Services: operation, maintenance and maximum commitment.

Shallow geothermal energy (typically between 50 and 150 m deep) is by far the most cost-effective technology for HVAC applications where there is both a significant heat and cooling demand. This is the case with larger buildings in our climate zone. Depending on the required capacities and geological parameters, a BTES (Borehole Thermal Energy Storage) system or an open system in the form of thermal energy storage (ATES) in a water-bearing layer (aquifer) is chosen.

Geothermal systems have a higher initial investment than conventional systems but a much lower consumption. Tenerga Energy Services wants to develop proposals that are more cost-effective than conventional systems for both the client and the user.

This can be interesting when the client and user are not the same party or when the client is interested in co-financing.


Why Tenerga Energy Services?

Most cost-effective option

Because Tenerga Energy Services can finance the additional costs compared to the conventional alternative, geothermal energy becomes the most interesting option for both the client/owner and for the user.

Complete unburdening

Tenerga Energy Services offers complete unburdening by taking responsibility of all operational interventions (maintenance, arrangements, repairs) and guaranteeing optimum and smooth operation of the systems.

Lowest TCO

By sharing experience with Solutes and Terra Energy, we choose to purchase components with the lowest 'total cost over lifetime (TCO)' rather than the 'cheapest'.

Maximum reduction of CO2 emissions

Thanks to the combined know-how of the TENERGA Group, Tenerga Energy Services can achieve very low energy consumption and therefore offer low operating rates. Moreover, a maximum reduction of CO2 emissions is achieved in this way.

Tenerga Energy Services can be your partner for your construction or renovation project.

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